Animation Reel 2014

Animation Reel 2014 from Jeanne Sylvette Giraud on Vimeo.

Le Jour des Corneilles / Day of the Crows

Animation shots I did during my internship at Finalement Production on the french feature film Le Jour des Corneilles / Day of the Crows directed by Jean-Christophe Dessaint.

Peste et Croûton / Pest and Old Fossil

A Short I co-directed with 4 other students from Gobelins at Supamonks Studio (Arcueil, France), as an internship. We achieved all writing/storyboard/layout and animation in one month.

I designed the characters, props and car, and animated these sequences :

Holy Sheep!

Annecy International Festival of Animated Film (FIFA) Annecy 2012 at Gobelins (second year).
I co-directed the short with Yoann Bomal, Karina Gazizova Dejong, Hélène Leroux and Gaspard Sumeire.

I co-writed the story, collaborated on storyboard, layout, designed the "Ram-Death" character, props, and animated different shots :


My FX exercise from second year.
I co-directed it with Guillaume Arantes, Marthe Delaporte, Léa Justum and Manddy Wickens.

I collaborated on the storyboard/layout, developped the character design based on Manddy researches, animated it :